An Assessment of Factors Constraining Entrepreneurial Business Growth: The Case of East Guji Zone Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia


  • Dereje Dinsa Negeri Research Scholar (PhD), College of Business and Economics Department of Marketing Management, Bule Hora University, Ethiopia



Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial business growth, Constraints of entrepreneurial business growth, Special values of entrepreneurship


Currently, entrepreneurial activities all over the world are not operating smoothly without any problem. Especially, in developing countries like Ethiopia, were experiencing many problems in their day to day activities. For example, poor accesses to infrastructure like electricity, transportation facilities, access of suitable market and market place are hinder its development. Farther more, Gender discrimination, Corruption, lack of access to education, theft and robbery, diseases, unemployment, and poor access to capital are factors that hindering the development of entrepreneurial business growth. As stated by Atsede Woldie and John Isaac Mwita, (2012) Challenges of Microfinance Accessibility, Inadequate skills in developing and managing bankable project, lack of collateral, high transaction costs are the main problems of entrepreneurial business growth . Due to this facts, the current study was focused on assessing factors constraining on Entrepreneurial business growth in Ethiopia, the case of East Guji Zone oromia regional state, Ethiopia. As we all know, the entrepreneurial business growth has crucial role for the personal welfare and development of the country. So, studies of constraints associate with the entrepreneurial business growth and finding appropriate solution may help to contend with development constraints success fully through detail investigation. Because of this, the current study is look at assessment of constraints of entrepreneurial business growth in Ethiopia the case of East Guji Zone. This study was followed a qualitative research approach (inductive approach) method and both primary and secondary data are used. The data gathering tools used in these study was interviewing 46 entrepreneurs and 10 town officials of the zone and analyzed by using tables and narrative form. Even though problems (less business development, poor business practice, low income from the operated business, low motivation in the side of entrepreneurs and so on are found in all corners of the country), the current study was delimited to East Guji Zone of oromia regional state Ethiopia. With the key objective of assessing constraints of entrepreneurial business growth, this may help the Zonal job opportunity creation and food security office to look at original factors.




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Dereje Dinsa Negeri. (2023). An Assessment of Factors Constraining Entrepreneurial Business Growth: The Case of East Guji Zone Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia. Partners Universal International Research Journal, 2(1), 52–63.