What is Partners Universal International Research Journal (PUIRJ)?

PUIRJ is a peer-reviewed, open access, Multidisciplinary Journal in English for the enhancement of research in various disciplines. Prime Focus of the Journal is to publish articles related to the current trends of research.

How does the review process work?

A blind peer review process is used to review articles. All the articles received by PUIRJ are sent to the review committee after deleting the name of the author to have an unbiased opinion about the research.

How do I submit the paper?

Authors can submit their manuscript on this website. LOGIN or REGISTER to make a submission.

Alternatively, the manuscript can be mailed to editor.puirj@gmail.com or editor@puirj.com

How many co-authors are allowed in a paper?

The number of co-authors is not limited.

Can I send an abstract only for review articles?

No, you have to send a full article.

How much time duration will it take for the review process?

20 to 40 days.

Will you provide us with a hard copy (printed version) of the published article?

No, we are functioning on the basis of e-ISSN.

Is there any restriction on the number of pages?

Yes, we would accept articles with a minimum of 3 pages and a maximum of 15 pages.

 How often is the journal published?

Every 3 Months, a total of 4 issues per year.

Do you provide hard copy certificates of publication?

Certificate of publication is provided at the author’s request. A soft copy of the certificate (e-certificate) is free of charge, provided by email.

Where can I find Manuscript Preparation Guidelines?

The predefined format of PUIRJ is given in the paper format link under the submission section. Just download the format and prepare the manuscript in the format.

 May I send you my article in my native language?

English is the only language accepted at PUIRJ.

Will PUIRJ help to get Indexing?

Yes, our dedicated team will help authors to get maximum indexing of their research work.

Can I join as a Reviewer Member?

Yes, presently we are seeking new Reviewer members/representatives around the world. You can send your updated CV, Degree Certificates, ID Proof, and a Recent Photograph with the mail of consent to editor.puirj@gmail.com with a request to join as a Reviewer Member.

I did not find my query on your FAQ list

Please contact our editorial office through the mail. (editor.puirj@gmail.com)