Daṇḍa nāṭa Tradition in Odishan Culture


  • Laxman Majhi Ph.D. Research Scholar, P.G. Department of Sanskrit, Utkal University, Vani Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.




Daṇḍa nāṭa, Caitra jātra, Kaliṇga, Buddhism, Saivism, Odishan culture


The Daṇḍa nāṭa tradition is an ancient and distinctive type of folk theatre that began in Odisha. This traditional art form is an essential element of Odishan culture and has been practiced for generations in various parts of the state. The Daṇḍa nāṭa tradition is culturally significant in Odisha, reflecting the state's rich heritage, mythology, and folklore. The performances are usually based on legendary legends and explore themes such as good vs evil, love and devotion, and human values. The performances feature a group of dancers doing elaborate dance steps while holding sticks, producing a rhythmical sound that adds to the overall attraction of the show. The ritual has developed throughout time, with numerous alterations made to keep up with current circumstances. However, it is still highly valued in Odisha, and numerous cultural organisations are attempting to maintain and promote the art form. Daṇḍa nāṭa performances are popular among both residents and visitors at various festivals and events around the state. The Daṇḍa nāṭa tradition is a crucial part of Odishan culture, highlighting the state's rich past, mythology and customs. Its continuous popularity and relevance underline the importance of preserving and promoting it for future generations. The current research seeks to give a thorough knowledge of the tradition's historical and cultural importance, change across time, and contemporary condition. This study analyses literary and cultural sources to examine the topics, narrative structure, and performance features of the Daṇḍa nāṭa tradition. Furthermore, the research looks at the socioeconomic and political factors that have affected the tradition's growth and durability. This study emphasises the significance of conserving and developing the Daṇḍa nāṭa tradition as an integral part of Odishan cultural heritage.




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